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BSc Business and Management



Semi-Professional Basketball Player



(CPT) Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine



Personal Training & Movement Therapy Services



(CSCS) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - National Strength & Conditioning Association



Educator at Asia Fitness Conference - Fighting Monkey Practice



Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


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MSc Sports Science



Educator at AQ Strong



About Me

Daniel Strange, a.k.a Doctor Strange, is an Educator, Coach, & Explorer.

Areas of focus include Sports Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Strength and Conditioning.

His work is based on Human Movement, Neuroscience, and Physiology. He is currently invested in Movement Research, Strength Application, and the Neurobiology of Ageing.  

The goal is to perform better, last longer and live better!

In order to do this, he believes the human system must have the capacity to develop an elastic body in combination with a plastic mind.



Shape your spine into a powerful axis around which you can explore and reach further for your health and sports performance.

Body pain greatly impacts our posture, movement and lifespan, learn strategies that can help you manage and provide you resources for rehabilitation and wellness over the long run.


Personal Training, Movement Therapy & Online Programs

All consultations are by appointment only
Please contact me via the office at info@aqstrong.com or daniel@strange.asia

1/ Personal Training focuses on human performance, muscle gain and fat loss.
2/ Movement Therapy focuses on recurring injuries, common musculoskeletal discomfort and longevity.
3/ Online Coaching is effective for communicating with individuals that are eager to enhance their program design in order to elevate training results and longevity protocols.

How all of this started?

Daniel spent his early years successfully competing in performance sports and primarily in basketball, until injuries started to appear.

This started the journey and search for better answers to shape and manage the body out of pain and back to optimal performance. 

The immediate options were physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustment and osteopathy. In addition to fitness, mobility and strength & conditioning training. 

Over time, Daniel was very lucky to meet Jozef and Linda, movement teachers with their own extensive sports background where he was introduced to principles of neuroscience, coordination research, and studies of traditional forms that are hundreds of years old. 

With respect and understanding for western science, Daniel was also fascinated by the potential of Traditional Chinese Medicine which he decided to explore further and is currently studying further for health, rehabilitation and wellness. 

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Daniel Strange
Educator, Coach, & Therapist

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Consultation by Appointment

Hong Kong / Online

Private Studio at → Central 

Athletic Center at → Jordan