Movement Therapy

1/ What is movement therapy? 

Movement Therapy delivers a 3D movement analysis & performance system that focuses on the process of ageing and the ways we can preserve the health of our joints and of the whole musculoskeletal system so that we enhance and sustain our mobility through time.

2/ The rationale and objectives for MT?

We are in a pandemic of back pain, knee pain and overall poor posture. 

The objectives are to learn how to manage posture, improve quality of lifespan and implement strategies to do correct biomechanics. 

How does all of this connect as one system to the brain, fascia and muscles?

3/ The format and outcomes for MT

3a/ The format

1/ Mobility development

2/ Joint strength

3/ Neurological control

4/ Coordination and rhythm 

5/ Nervous system regulation 

6/ Posture correction

7/ Uncovering the root to discomfort of the ankle, hip, knee, back, shoulder and/or neck

3b/ The outcomes

To educate the nervous system how to operate the musculoskeletal system in open space with an emphasis on joint strength, coordination, and neurological coupling. 

There are only 3 possible outcomes we can look for, increasing performance, decreasing pain, and/or fostering happiness. 


Stage 1

Open Space


Stage 2
Movement Skills


Stage 3
Cross Motion


Facts & Figures




Subconscious Connection


Conscious Control


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