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Personal Training & Movement Therapy

Work directly with Daniel.
Develop a stronger body. Move better as you age.
Create surplus so that you can last longer and live smarter.


1/ Personal Training

Focuses on human performance, muscle gain and fat loss.

The difference is the tailor made experience and customised design that is unique for you.

The purpose is to avoid cookie cutter routines 

Such as at group classes or general sweat it out workouts

You can achieve introductory results that quickly plateau and leave you lost for the next steps

In contrast, we help you create the necessary space and time for further transformation.

Expect material that is scaled to your level and progressively adapted to push your boundaries.

We have a huge library of content that focuses on strength, power, hypertrophy, coordination and mobility. 

If you have been thinking, searching, dreaming to change for a while

The depth and range of the training knowledge that we offer will help your development.

You will be working with passion, integrity and quality 

That will expect accountability and the best from you

We will give you feedback via verbal communication and videos

Share articles and knowledge to inspire, motivate and educate

You will have direct access to communicate your needs and questions via WhatsApp

2/ Movement Therapy

Focuses on recurring injuries, common musculoskeletal discomfort and longevity.

Therapy is a relative term that is unique to each individual.

It doesn’t mean that you rely on the practitioner for them to do the job for you.

This is not beneficial in the long term and will not allow you to become free.

The methods of therapy will depend on the case, situation and history of your unique biological signature.

We are focusing on the combination and sequencing of 

1/ Manual work such as massage, self massage and foam rolling

2/ Increasing load tolerance with rehabilitation schemes and movements

3/ Nervous system education that considers the importance of your vision, balance and proprioception.

We are concerned with how your structure understands its body dynamics and kinematics 

that influences the importance of your ability to coordinate and adapt in space.

This is how we will connect your body as a unified system rather than isolated sections.

Is effective for communicating with individuals that are eager to enhance their program design in order to elevate training results and longevity protocols.  

The main purpose of online coaching is for individuals that are looking for more

It is because you want to improve 

We are here to offer you a path way that creates efficiency and understanding 

During the online meetings we are planning, strategising and communicating 

There is a road map of the online coaching process to be clear in what would be the focuses

We will share articles and knowledge to inspire, motivate and educate you
Expect feedback of your videos via email

You have direct access to communicate your needs and questions via email 

We offer 3 online pathways

1/ Physical body (training design and nutrition)

2/ Movement literacy (physical discomfort and longevity)

3/ Single consultation (to discuss and provide resources for your needs)


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