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Doct8r Strange is coach, educator and creator. His work revolves around what he loves and struggles with. Fitness, Movement, Biomechanics, Human Systems and more.

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Online Coaching - Movement Literacy & Longevity

3 months / 6 lessons / 60 minutes
The key point is to understand how organize yourself in relation to movement literacy & longevity.
To support, strategize and communicate.
Communicate directly with videos and email.
Daniel will review your videos and provide the necessary feedback to help you improve faster.
1/ Coordination
2/ Collaboration
3/ Communication
What is zero?
How can we find our zero?
Is there an optimal zero?
What are our feedback tools?
What is our adaptive capacity?
How do we arrange and organize in space and time?
How do we clean as a metaphor for joints, ligaments, tendons for connection?

To start your online coaching cycle
The schedule is arranged in communication with your convenient times.
6x60 min sessions in 18 weeks with Daniel to support your training and all of the needs that come with it.
Key areas of concern are tailored to your current level and where you wish to go with your movement literacy & longevity. Daniel supports you with the strategy and movement design to help you allocate your energy effectively and efficiently.

In the online sessions we are planning, discussing and understanding:
1/ How can we clean our feet, knees and hips?
2/ How can we clean our spine?
3/ How can we clean our shoulders, elbows and wrists?
It's never about the movement, but rather the sensory information that your system gathers from it.

To start your online coaching cycle
The schedule is arranged in communication with your convenient times.

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Online Coaching

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Single Consultation

Ask us anything in relation with physical body and movement.

1 private online consultation

To support, strategize and communicate your needs

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6000 HKD

Physical Body

3 months / 6 lessons / 60 minutes

Online Coaching

Understand how organize yourself and your physical body

1/ Program Design - patterns, cycles & more

2/ Nutrition Strategy - calories balance, timing & more

3/ Training Specificity - your body type, lifestyle & more

6000 HKD

Movement Literacy

3 months / 6 lessons / 60 minutes

Online Coaching

Discover the secrets to movement literacy & longevity

1/ Manual work - such as massage, self massage and rolling

2/ Load Tolerance - rehabilitation schemes and movements

3/ Nervous System - educate CNS with vision, balance & more


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