Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Keywords: multi plane, multi joint, health, integrity, neuromuscular structure, performance, ageing, wellness

Every Thursday! 7:30am and 8:30am

SPC Elasticity is an introduction class that inspires you on the possibilities of connecting and linking our neuromuscular structure. Daniel addresses the concept of elastic strength & power via interconnection in the open space. Tendons shouldn’t be thought of as rigid cables, but as springs that store and release energy. We will explore how energy can be transformed into human performance by using inner elasticity!

Daniel is mentored by FM Practice and the practice ball concept will be integrated, in addition with sports theory and application from his own life experience.

The format of the session are as follows: a/ Movement forms that address the energy lines: back line, front line, spiral lines, lateral lines, and arm lines of our body. b/ Partner situations that test and develop our reactions, neuromuscular elasticity, and decision making. c/Athletic games with the practice ball tool that unlock the foundation for rhythm, 3 bodyweight centers, and executive functioning.

This class is an unique offering that does not let you become habitual.

The goal is to expand your landscape, offering you the benefits for human performance and athletic ageing.

You should expect: a/ Bouncing b/ Preparatory countermovement

c/ Whole body movements d/ Proximal initiation e/ Adaptive movement

Benefits of our Elasticity session: a/ Neuromuscular elasticity You decelerate and accelerate in such a way that you not only make use of but actually build elasticity into the tendons and entire fascial system. Feel for that sense of elegance, an ideal resonance with minimum effort and maximum ease. b/ Athletic synergy Motor skill mapping increases efficiency and connection that allows the body to generate greater overall kinetic power. c/ Cognition and perception Plasticity in the neuromuscular system at both the central and peripheral levels that preserve important processes such as attention, executive function, and working memory for body connection and injury prevention. d/ Connect with spine

Link head, ribcage, and pelvis to spread the stress from athletic training to last longer and age better in life. Spine is complicated structure and when we do not feel safe, we lock, what we want to achieve is how to let go and unlock. e/ Regulate sympathetic and parasympathetic systems By understanding how to communicate with our nervous system, we can influence self healing mechanisms, heart rate, and hormones for overall well-being.

SPC Elasticity as part of your plan: There are various functional combinations to pair Elasticity with your weekly training plan:

a/ Pre or post workout to combine strength & power training with multi plane integrity. b/ Active ageing to improve wellbeing, prevent or rejuvenate injuries, or explore connection with your own body. c/ Human performance that enhances your functional capacities and tests your ability to move in the open space.

Consciously or unconsciously, you have been working with elasticity your whole life.

Now, however, new research is reinforcing the importance of elastic tissue in functional training performance and longevity! If you would like to learn more please come join us for a SPC Elasticity session.

Trials are available through our join page www.aqstrong.com/join SPC and Class Pack members can book in normally.

Trials are available through our join page www.aqstrong.com/join SPC and Class Pack members can book in normally.

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