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Forgotten Feet - 60/30/10 - Online Video Program (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Fantastic Value! Amazing Content Improve how you walk, run, jump, train, play sports and more! The ultimate guide to stronger feet. A triphasic approach. 

Created by DOCT8R STRANGE aka Dan Strange.

Suitable for all levels. Add these exercises to your warm ups, workouts, cool downs, daily wellness routines and auto-regulation protocols where you need. Buy at the ME Shop

What's Inside?

1/ Triphasic approach a. 3 phases - standing, high low, active b. 3 planes - saggital, frontal, transverse c. 3 levels 2/ Download a. 45 mins of video footage 3/ 18 exercises to bulletproof your feet and take your body to the next level! 6 exercises in each phase (isometric, eccentric, dynamic) 4/ This program is suitable for a. Adults that experience recurring ankle and knee injuries. b. Athletes that are looking for an edge in their performance. c. Trainers that would like to add powerful exercises to their training tool box.

Your Purchase is Risk-Free: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you find my program boring and impractical, just send me an e-mail at and we will give you a full refund.

Pre-sale ended on July 1.

Program Outline

Phase 1 - Loading our feet from the standing position

1/ Learning how to stand 

2/ Rocking and rotational calf raises

3/ Outside edge rolling

4/ Big and small toe pressing

5/ Narrow stance articulations

6/ Explosive feet pumping

Phase 2 - Loading in the high low environment

7/ Hinging with the toes up

8/ Irregular squat with the heels up

9/ Short stance lunge with the back heel up

10/ Rotational squat with heels rising and falling

11/ From sitting position to standing

12/ From crossed leg position to standing 

Phase 3 - Loading active feet above our axis / efficient pathways

13/ Rocking forward and backwards with toe heel alignment 

14/ Activation in the wide squat position

15/ Moving up and down the narrow line

16/ Double hops from side to side

17/ Navigating major landmarks on one leg

18/ Feet and hip circles on one leg

Buy at the ME Shop

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